We are geer.io

"Yes for marketing automation for all!"

About Geer.io

Geer.io was created from an observation: the best marketing automation solutions are complex to use, hard to implement, expensive and are consequently reserved only for key accounts.
However, we believe that each e-commerce business can take advantage of marketing automation to grow its turnover with a simple solution to do so and at an affordable price. That is why we have created Geer.io, whose main mission is to make marketing automation accessible to small and middle businesses.

Since September 2015, Geer.io is part of the Sarbacane Software Group and is now complementing the solutions already marketed by the Group: Sarbacane, the reference emailing software in France with more than 6000 clients, Primotexto, the professional solution of SMS Marketing and Tipimail, the new platform for sending transactional emails.