Simply an effective solution of marketing automation.

Customizable scenarios

6 « ready-to-go » scenarios. Simply customize and activate them so that your campaigns start immediately.

Emails follow-up messages

Choose the most popular media for marketers to communicate effectively and get a maximum deliverability through our proprietary technology.

SMS follow-up messages

With a 95% rate of reading within five minutes, SMS is an instant channel and above all a very profitable one.

Responsive emails templates

For each scenario use our templates which are designed to fit the screen size or import your own HTML code.

Automatic personalization of messages

With our Smart Tags add custom fields to your message for more impact.

Detailed statistics

Measure precisely the ROI of each scenario with our detailed statistics (opening rates, click-through rates, conversions …).


Easy integration

Regardless of the technology used for your website, easily synchronize data from your website to Geer.io and start automating your messages according to the behavior of your visitors and customers.



More infos


More infos

Send up to 4 messages per scenario.

For each scenario set up to 4 messages. For example, you can send an email to your customers who have not placed orders for 3 months. 5 days later, follow up on those who did not respond to the offer with a reminder email. Finally, after 10 days, send an SMS to those who did not order yet.

Your abandoned carts become an opportunity.

Did you know that up to 70% of visitors who add products to their carts abandon them later? This means that for each 3000 € of conducted sales on your website, 7000 € slipped out! Geer.io allows you to detect and automatically follow up on each abandoned cart to create an opportunity for additional orders.

With Geer.io, you identify and send automatic follow-up messages for each abandoned cart and transform them into sales opportunity.


Comprehensive statistics to calculate your ROI

If you go for marketing automation, you probably would like to know the results of your scenarios and accurately calculate your ROI. We got you covered!

Icone Rapport

Comprehensive report

Sent emails, opening rates, click-through rates, orders and turn-over...you have all the informations at your disposal.

Icone Export

CSV export

Export your statistics to make your own analysis or re-import them into your own system.

Increase your sales thanks to marketing automation

Marketing automation allow to go beyond the cart abandoned follow-up. Set-up with ease a real marketing plan fully automated. By reaching rights customers at the right time you can increase your sales up to 20%.