Follow-up on abandoned carts with Magento

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With Geer.io now you have an easy solution for your carts abandoned follow-up.

With an average of 70% of abandoned carts on an e-commerce site, abandoned carts have become a problem that all retailers should deal with. Your website developed with Magento is no exception and although Magento allows you to view the customers who abandoned their carts, no native solution is available to follow up on them.

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Why choose Geer.io to follow up on my abandoned carts on Magento

For its simplicity, for its efficiency, for its versatility... with Geer.io you have more than a cart recovery plug-in.

Plug&Play; installation

Automatic detection of abandoned carts

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Frequently asked questions

With which version of Magento Geer.io works?

In absolute terms, Geer.io is compatible with any version of Magento if you use our API to develop your own connector. If you use our module, it is compatible with Magento 1.6.x to 1.9.x. A module that is compatible with Magento 2.x is coming soon.

Can I opt out when I want?

With Geer.io you have no commitment and you can opt out whenever you want. You will only need to uninstall our Magento module to stop sending data from your website to Geer.io

Do I need to implement complex settings on my server?

Not at all. All you have to do is install our module for Magento. Then Geer.io automatically detects your abandoned carts and sends follow-ups on them by email or SMS. No CRON task to create on your server or SMTP settings to do.

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