A free abandoned carts recovery solution (and much more).

Recover up to 20% of your customers’ abandoned carts with automated shopping cart follow-up.

No obligation – no hidden fees

Compatible with

Prestashop Magento

How does it work?

Create your campaigns easily with our pre-configured scenarios.
Personalize them, schedule your campaigns and you’re ready to go!

1 Connect your e-commerce website

2 Create your triggered scenarios

3 Automatically follow up on your customers by email or SMS


Take advantage of the power of marketing automation to develop your sales.

6 ready-to-go scenarios in order to create your fully automated marketing plan.

Get up to 20% of additional orders by following up on your abandoned carts.

Abandoned carts

Send a welcome offer to the new subscribers who have not ordered yet.


Be the first to send a special offer celebrating the anniversary of your customers.

Customers anniversary

Retain your new customers by encouraging them to place a second order.

New customer loyalty

Follow up on your inactive customers to reactivate them and turn them into loyal customers again.

Inactive customers reactivation

Send a message to your customers a few days after each order to collect their reviews.

Customers Reviews

Combine email and SMS in your scenarios to increase your sales.

SMS marketing with a 95% rate of reading in five minutes.

Email marketing,

the main media of your customer relation.

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